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UK Foo Fighters - Standing in for Foo Fighters!?

So…… Dave breaks his leg at Gothenburg and was forced to cancel a number of Sonic Highways tour dates including both nights at Wembley Stadium (London) and Murrayfield (Edinburgh).

Shortly after the announcement we started receiving messages from followers of both UK Foo Fighters and Foo Fighters saying, “are you standing in Jay?”, “are you free Jay?”, “have you had the call yet guys?”.  We kinda laughed it off at the time but it was also very humbling to receive such acknowledgements and to be considered as a worthy stand-in.
Cue Tom Pugh from Given To Live (a live music related project we have been working with)…..
Tom had organised fundraisers for the Wembley shows with the support of Foo Family UK, planning to put on a number of original acts at Wembley Stadium Crystal Clubs to coincide with Foo’s performances on 19-20th June at Wembley Stadium.  Tom calls up the very next morning after the Foo’s announcement and says, “I’m going to have to cancel our fundraisers……. unless you fancy headlining both nights?”.  To cut the story short….. we did! And if you didn’t know, we even went to Edinburgh on 23rd June and did it again!  Those performances were so special in so many ways, for one, we learnt that Foo Fighters fans who had travelled from all over the world to see Foo Fighters were now coming to see UK Foo Fighters.  We were now ‘standing in’…… no pressure!

It was an honour and a privilege to do what we did!  As we always say, “we hope you approve Dave and Foo Fighters?”.  We are delighted to announce that collectively we raised over £10,000 for Given To Live.  Tom has already been working hard to put the money to use and we look forward to hearing of more great stories from him over the coming months. Dave has already been helping too: Kayleigh meets Foo Fighters by Given To Live

So….. a massive thank you to all Foo Fighters fans who came to see us play at Wembley and Edinburgh from a very proud Jay, Arron, Alex, Jamie, Nick and Ollie (UK Foo Fighters).  See you on the road and at the after parties!




UK Foo Fighters - iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015

March 29th, 2015 - iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015's 10 Best and Worst Moments

7. Best Wish Fulfillment Fantasy
Many performances were punctuated by short video interviews where accomplished artists recounted their "journey." The best anecdote came courtesy of the Foo Fighters, who told the story of a European gig attended by a tribute band called UK Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl, exhausted from tour, recognized his British counterpart in the crowd and invited him onstage to perform "White Limo." Apparently, the guy killed it.

Read more:
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Watch Jay's performance of White Limo:



UK Foo Fighters | Concorde 2 | Brighton

Following in the footsteps of Grohl, Hawkins, Shiflett and Mendel!

Remember when one of the world’s biggest bands; the Foo Fighters, played a secret show at Concorde 2 to 400 very lucky fans one sunny afternoon in August 2007 for BBC Radio 1 - Chris Moyles Show?  Dave Grohl pronounced Concorde 2 as “the perfect venue".

Well..... it's happening rockers! We are so stoked to announce on Saturday 27th September, as part of our national tour, we will be playing Concorde 2.






Foo Fighters to make TT appearance.......... really?

Foo Fighters or UK Foo Fighters?

Recently we announced our main stage headliner at the Isle of Man TT races for Motofest 2014.

A big deal?  We think so!

But what does Dave Grohl think?

This week the Isle of Man misread our tweet and released breaking news to the world..... "Foo Fighters to make TT appearance............".  Holy shit!!!

I contacted Manx Radio the very next morning to alert them of their mistake but it was too late.....  the world thought Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters were heading to the TT races in May.

With speculation and excitement on social media growing by the minute, one IOM FF fan (Nathan Harwood) decided to simply ask the man himself if it was true........ and Dave replied, "sorry, but it's not".  Don't you just love Twitter?  Don't you just love Dave?

The fact our authenticity as a tribute fooled even the press is quite an acknowledgement but we really hope Jason at Manx Radio is not beating himself up over it all.  Jason might be the very reason that Dave now knows about UK Foo Fighters.

See you at the TT rockers!

UK Foo Fighters (tribute act) will be headlining the IOM TT at Motofest 2014 (Jurby Airfield) - Friday 30th May

UK Foo Fighters (tribute act) will be headlining the IOM TT at Motofest 2014 (Jurby Airfield) - Friday 30th May